Medical Check up

 General Examination
Influenza, viral enteritis, canine distemper,skin                 disease, liver disease, kidney disease, heart                 disease, diabetes mellitus, Blood parasite ,
                tick and heartworm prevention

Basic health package examination
Blood check - Happy health programe devied to                   4 package ; platinum,gold,silver and standard                  packege

   General surgery

 General surgery
Castration, neutral, cesarean section, enucleation,                 dental scaling, remove mamary gland tumor,                    remove urilith, etc.


 Canine vacine
: Hepatitis, Parainflunza, Parvovirosis,                 Coronavirosis, Leptospirisis Vaccination and booster                 depend on the vaccination program
                12-13 week : Rabies Vaccination
                Annually : Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainflunza,                 Parvovirosis, Coronavirosis, Leptospirisis ,Rabies                 Vaccination
 Feline vacine
 Kitten : Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia,                Chalmydiosis Vaccination
               11-12 weeks : Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus,                Panleukopenia, Chalmydiosis Vaccination and/or                Leukemia Vacination
               3 months : Rabies vaccination and booster depend on                the vaccination program
               Ananually : Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia,               Chalmydiosis , Rabies Vaccination and/or Leukemia               Vacination

   X-ray & Ultrasound

 X-ray & Ultrasound
 For diagnostic
                For Pregnant checking

   Blood check, Blood transfusion

 Blood check
              Routune test and special test :

              Complete blood count
              Blood chemistry profile
              Microscopic : Blood parasite

 Blood transfusion
           cross matching between donor and recipient blood

   Pet passport , Microship implantation

 Pet passport
           for pets export

 Microship implantation
           pet identification

   Pet hotel & Pet health care unit

 Pet hotel
          Luxury pet hotel for your beloved pets
             Fan and air conditioning room

 Pet health care unit
           Admit and take care of patients separated form
healthy              pets
             General health care unit
             Infectious health care unit
             Intensive care unit
             Emergency care unit

   Grooming salon

 Grooming salon
Grooming all breed
    Nail cut
Ear cleaning
Eye cleaning

   Medicated diet & Pet shop

 Medicated diet & Petshop
            Supplementary diet
            Pet equipments